Why Is Vendiquencheco involved in Eco-friendly, All Natural, and Green Products, why should you care?


We (Brendan & Kelly) live in one of the most wasteful areas in the world (NY Metro) and we would like to shift people’s buying habits in order to positively impact the world.

-Switch from using Non Eco-friendly products to Eco-friendly ones 

-Did you know the brown plastic waste bins people have been seeing around the city are part of the organics collection program? (Local law 77)

***Did you know our plates can be composted and treated as organic waste? ***

***Did you know our plates can be used in the making of Foodstock to feed cattle? ***

We care about Mother Earth!

-As the population in our large city increases, we won’t be able to sustain waste unless everyone takes part!

-As of 2016 there was 8,537,673 people living just in NYC, an increase of nearly 5% from 2010. (NYC.gov)

-Can you imagine how much waste that amount of people generate, even daily? According to the EPA, we generate 4.4 pounds per day on average. That is 37,565,761.2 lbs. just in NY Metro per day!!!

-Why does this matter? According to NYC.gov 1/3 of the aforementioned was organic waste, which is comprised of food scraps food soiled paper, and yard trimmings. This type of waste, if brought to a landfill emits CO2 which triggers changes in climate

-We can make changes in order to protect the future of our city! Just picture what NYC would look like filled with all trash…

We want to make a difference!

-We want to ensure everyone is aware of issues and present needed information so we can initiate working together as a community 

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."- Mother Teresa 

**What can you do? **

 These are all the products we affiliate with--- 

-Use products that are Biobased or have a high Biobased content Ensure that the products are a certified by the USDA. It is also important on Biobased content 100% being the purest. I use this Seventh Generation dish liquid  & Seventh Generation dishwasher detergent .

-Use products that are reusable, we have a multitude of Yeti Ramblers , using one for cold and hot beverages and we take it everywhere. It's made from high grade insulated stainless which is great for temperature retention.

-Get a mini kitchen compost bin and start composting, I use this one for all my food scrapes and disposal of our palm leaf plates.

-Use trash bags that will degrade in ANY landfill, we like these ones from Amazon!

The EPA gives a great breakdown on how you can do your part here along with other great ideas on how to get involved.


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