Our Roots

Founders of VendiQuench Brendan and Kelly began their journey in Cork, Ireland:

Having a vibrant restaurant scene, loads of all natural products, we had all the inspiration we needed for our plates. After forming our mission "To Globally harmonize Eco-friendly behavior one product at a time" We first decided to provide the highest quality, Sustainable, and all natural products available. 


Palm Leaf Plate with cutting board

We decided on Palm leaf plates because of how they are made. Leaves are taken from the ground meaning waste is converted into final product, qualifying it's Sustainability. Comradery and Family is a pillar of our lives so we wanted something which made an impact on the time spent with those we love. In situations when we didnt want the cleanup and paper and plastic made us feel guiltily, we needed a solution.

That's when it clicked - What if we created an ecofriendly product for foodies like us, but we would never feel guilty about putting it in the trash? Every culinary, hosting event, or dining experience would be completely cleanup free. This would leave more time for guests, and save money on our water bill! Most of all because they are super cool!!! 


We couldn't wait to start doing our part for the world, so got to it the line Palm Fridays Ecoware, Eco-friendly plates for any occasion. Our goal is to promote and raise awareness about everything good for the planet. Please join us in this adventure, we want to provide you valuable content - keep up with us through instagram with beautiful imagery, facebook for value add content or amazing products Twitter for great news!


Our products are USDA Certified, All natural-no additives,dyes,chemicals Chic. We Quality inspect our products (I'm an Engineer) to ensure our plates are safe, and we are committed to your satisfaction!

Palm Leaf Plate

If you have questions or need to contact us, please email us at Vendiquench@gmail.com. We want to change the world, let us know how we can help you too!

Yours Truly!

Brendan & Kelly Founders of Palm Fridays Ecoware